Thursday, November 30, 2006

Onio, the seed and the sprout

In the name of the greatest one;

Onio Design has been a passionate dream woven together by the Karmyoga of two individuals. Right from the conception, Onio has never been a milking cow (read money), nor has it been an overnight success built on miracles. In the darker times for design market when industry didnot care for design or innovation in general because of ample supply of foriegn or imported 'products' and 'technologies', when the design studios were closing one by one in an ordeal of survival, Onio took birth and survived. Onio mastered the survival technique by learning the virtues of intelligently reading ahead and venturing into the unknown in child like play but with mastering the skills over a period. When product design was giving way Onio become a web-design company doing portals and corporate websites for software companies. When do-com bust took the toll on web-design too, Onio moved on and captured the grand-space of branding. When branding too started becoming common place, Onio thought it is logical to move up still higher in the value chain of innovation and tied up with Style-vision to offer trend-research. Onio knows how to learn the new and master the alien domains and move up the value-chain quickly. Onio also knows how to retain the core competence and hone it when market is dull.
All this has been possible due to inherent synergy within the company. Coordinated thinking and focused actions made it possible to go through the tough times and engage in futuristic possibilities while the purse stringsa are tight.

Now when the first phase of growth is over Onio needs to gear-up for the next phase of growth that entails bigger goals, broader mindset and more formal approach to growth itself. Usually, entreprenurs in design profession are known for conservative attitude to business expansion. But at Onio, the founder deemed it fit to understand the need for inclusion of a director with different set of expertiese and exposure that is not directly connected to design, but surely has greatest impact when it comes to expansion.

Anil, comes with hard-coded experience in USA as a matured IT professional over the last 10 years. The processes that are needed to standardize the practice so that it can be replicated and expanded have been mastered by IT industry and Onio believes that this expertise applied to design field would open the flood-gates of expansion in the ways unimaginable as of now. Together the power of 'organised creativty' would be unleasehed in the hitherto untapped market that India is sitting pretty on.