Friday, February 09, 2007

SME Revolution in India- Role of Design- You've got stuff?

Hi All,
A shift from the current tenor of discussions...
We are standing at the threshold of SME revolution in India. The engine of growth that transformed China and Korea is about to get started in India too, fueled by growth in Auto-sector, manufacturing sector, R&D outsourcing, exports etc. etc. While the grand talk of 'design' has its place, there is a direct and visible role for design and designers in propelling the top line and lifting the bottom line of SMEs. The second generation family businesses and new age start-ups are now getting hungry for 'innovation' if not for 'design' in the holistic sense. This is the time when the iron is hot.....Design community needs to get its act together and create success stories in series...Somebody and everbody needs to fire-up the 'perspective' of think beyond immediate think beyond foriegn think beyond new imported think beyond Indian market....
I am speaking at the SME WORLD Seminar at IMC, Mumbai, organized by Indian Express (on 14th Feb ), on how design can transform SMEs. I need the success stories where designers have done their due. If you can send me 'product' pictures (before/after) with sales/profit figures would be a contribution to the cause. Yes, I would make sure that the due credits are shown.
I am deliberately focusing on Product Design, as that is the next 'Graphic Design' :).
Suggestions, comments welcome.
Manoj Kothari
Founder Director and Senior Design Strategist
Onio Design Pvt. Ltd.
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